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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New podcast episode - a special Halloween short story!

Hey guys,

Check our the new episode of our podcast (BrainStorm BookCast) which will hopefully be submitted to the iTunes store soon, for your listening pleasure. Until then, you can listen manually via this here blog, or go to our podomatic page where you can listen or download to your PC.

The Churchyard - a special Halloween Short Story - Chapters 1-3

When Alice, Georgie and Lia leave after school revision late on All Hallows Eve, they don't expect things to take a turn for a worse as they walk through their local churchyard...

That’s all we have time for today, but more chapters are coming soon…
If you have any feedback, or questions you’d like to ask us, please email or tweet us at @b_s_bookcast.

Happy halloween!

1 comment:

    I wanted to know what happened next:( I was listening to this while getting ready but I sat and stopped to listen, that was really good! Did you guys write it your selves or is it a book or story that you found?


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