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Thursday, 22 December 2011

My favourite Online Games this Year

I've had a few game crazes over the years. For a while I spent my time looking for new MPORG's and MMO's - that is till my Mum told me to stop playing games and do some homework! Here's my top 3 for games I loved playing this year, and I hope that reading this helps you to discover something new that you will enjoy.

1. Wizard101
A great MMO, you simply download the browser for free and create an account, also free. You can choose which school of Wizardry you join (by taking a sorting-hat-style quiz) and then you complete "quests" and defeat monsters to gain Gold, experience and training points, which you can use to learn more spells. You can also buy pets (which includes everything from Unicorns to Dragons to Flying "Piggles") and items for your room in Ravenwood.
It's only flaw is that to truly experience it you have to wither become a member or buy crowns to unlock new areas within Wizard City, and after that, new worlds; both of which cost real-life money to buy.
The artwork and graphics for the interactive world are charming and quaint, and the chat feature is (also) disabled for children under 13, so there's no need for parent's to be worried.
Overall, I give it 4/5 stars (only 4 because of the Money thing)

A completely online game, you create a 'Medoll' and decorate your suite. Other activities include buying clothes from the Shop (you can also buy interior items for your suite and makeup & hair-dye). The thing I find a bit lacking is the interactivity, which they have been improving recently by adding new SuiteChat and Party Chat which means you can display emotions on your MeDoll. It is parent-friendly, allowing Parental controls for members under a certain age, not allowing them to add anyone else as a friend.
Overall I give it a 2.5/5 (because it is easy to get bored after a while and, again, to truly experience the game at it's full potential you have to become either a Superstar or Stardoll Royalty, which allows you to create parties, buy a wider selection of clothes and interior items and other activities - and the lack of interactivity when compared to Wizrd101).

3. Plants vs. Zombies
A quirky game in which the player is defending their house from being overrun by brain-eating zombies. The player must plant flowers such as Pea-shooter and Wall-nut to help defeat the zombies. You collect sun to fund these endeavours. My only fault is that (again) you have to buy the full-version, and the trial has limited levels - which get boring if repeated.
So, overall, I give Plants vs. Zombies 3/5 (having to buy Full-version)

So there's my Top 3 (they weren't in order) - why don't you check them out! (My favourite's Wizard101 :D )

Best wishes for Christmas 2011 and the New Year,

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